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Superman Extreme is the Global Leader in Brain Boost supplements - in fact it is the FIRST known supplement scientifically proven to increase your confidence. By doing so, it also increases your energy, focus, brainpower, and positivity, which makes Superman Extreme your all-in-one solution for everything you've ever needed!

Superman Extreme was founded in 2010 by Thaddeus Peuterschmidt. Thaddeus constantly saw his friends being rejected by girls, having problems focusing at school and at work, and not accomplishing their goals. Already being an investor in an energy supplement manufacturer, he saw an opportunity to acquire some of the ingredients and after years of tweaking the recipe, Superman Extreme was created. It became an immediate success and continues to help men (and women) achieve their goals.

Superman Extreme's company headquarters are located in Houston, TX. Unlike our competitors, we don't hide behind P.O. Boxes and bogus addresses. We believe providing company information is just part of doing business.

Superman Extreme 11127 Eldridge Parkway Houston, TX 77077


I'd like to thank you for your interest in purchasing Superman Extreme. I take these pills personally, and I have seen many of my friends and family members take them and they have all had amazing results. In fact, I am so sure these pills will work for you that I offer a money back guarantee on all purchases. Our success depends on you, and your success depends on us. That's why for the past 3 years we have been working endlessly to create a product that will not only meet your expectations, but to significantly exceed them. The same goes with our customer service, and that's why I have taken it upon myself to provide you with my personal email. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly should you encounter any problems with our product. Thank You!

Ryan Jones
Vice President at Superman Extreme
ryan [at] supermanextreme.com

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